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Dive into the atmosphere of survival in Left 4 Dead. Exterminate the infected people and fight your way out of the city. And don’t forget about your companions! They may come in handy if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Diversify your arsenal

The game allows you not only to shoot zombies, but to come a little bit closer and smash them with everything you can find. In the apocalypse conditions, even a frying pan can become a deadly weapon. However, if you gather enough materials, you can craft something more suitable for fighting. For example, get yourself an axe and cut monsters left and right.

But some kinds of mutants require a special approach. Depending on the species, you will have to keep the distance, move faster or even use explosives to defeat them. That especially goes for the bosses that you can meet at any time on the level. These monsters are surely serious opponents, so try to collaborate with the rest of the team and eliminate them together.

Although, even if you come up with a perfect strategy, you won’t be able to use it all the time. The game is famous for its innovative AI that memorises your moves and decisions to build a level especially for you. Left 4 Dead takes into account your choices to alter the monsters so that you always face some challenges. Moreover, it influences the weather, too.

Totally new plot

This time you are going to choose from absolutely new characters. It means that there will be numerous interesting dialogues and sudden plot twists. Complete the full campaign of five episodes and see what is going to happen with all these unlucky people who were forced to get through the locations invaded by zombies.

In any case, only you decide who is going to live through the night and who is going to die from the ferocious monsters. Help each other and this will significantly increase your chances. Moreover, your allies are able to cure you if you have been injured.

In addition, you can compete for the title of the most experienced zombie fighter. Participate in various matches and improve your skills to take the first place in the rank. At the same time, perform certain actions to collect amazing achievements.