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Delve into the world of Left 4 Dead and take a look at the captivating campaign that includes a bunch of levels. Pick up a survivor that has the skills you need for your fighting style and gather a company to fend off the zombies. You will be able to explore numerous locations where you will have to accomplish a set of quests.

In between the quests, shoot huge waves of monsters that will rush straight to you. Take your gun as fast as you can and kill them before they get to you. Or you can intentionally let the zombies get closer to smash them with a chainsaw. But sometimes it is better to avoid close contact and kill the enemy from a distance.

Although, if you lack some specific type of weapon, you can always use some cool mods that will add it to the game. There are also mods that introduce the whole new campaign that have totally individual plots and personages. Some of them even feature famous characters from other projects.

At the same time, you are going to enjoy the extraordinary process of altering the matches according to your actions. Left 4 Dead will make the surroundings and the opponents more and more elaborate, just as you will be learning new tactics. Upgrade the hero and the firearms to keep up with the tendencies!

However, if you want to get the instant difficulties right from the start, the game modifications are going to come in handy again. There are the ones that are intended mostly for the professionals. They will give you the most insufferable enemies and the most excruciating terrains that will make you wonder if there is any exit at all.