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Check out the second part of the all-favourite zombie shooter! Left 4 Dead is back with its captivating gameplay and unique system of level generation. Gather the team of adventurous survivors again and prove that you can outsmart any mutant.

New locations and characters

Meet the new heroes whom you are going to control. They all have their extraordinary stories and personalities that will be exposed throughout the main campaign. Watch how the members of the group interact with each other and make sure that they won’t quarrel. Keep good relationships between them and you won’t become the dinner for zombies.

Mutual assistance is important as well. Help your friends if they are surrounded or wounded hard and they will likely do the same if you get into trouble. Remember that your actions determine how the game is going to unfold.

One of the cool aspects that Left 4 Dead has is the exceptional system of level creation. The game gradually figures out how you like to play and creates challenges specifically for you. So, the better you play, the more enemies you are going to meet. They will also become more powerful and agile.

To make the mission even more fun, you are offered to explore a set of new terrains. The action will take place in the south, so prepare to go through the swamps and exotic cities. Consequently, you are going to deal with another peril. Use your logic and be careful to be able to get out of there.

Get closer to the enemy

Unlike the previous part, here you can choose close combat. If you suddenly run out of ammo, hide your gun and bring out a massive chainsaw! Any zombie will doubtfully survive such an attack. There is a wide range of these weapons, from the more common ones, to the things that you could have hardly called a weapon at all.

In addition, you are going to meet new types of monsters. In each round you are guaranteed to deal with at least one of them, so prepare yourself for a serious fight beforehand. Endure their special attacks and use your whole arsenal to defeat them.

As always, if you lack company but still want to tear mutants into pieces, there is a regime for you that allows you to shoot monsters alone infinitely. Here you are still going to fight the bosses, so you better master your skills before heading to the battlefield in solitary.