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A group of four survivors are left in the middle of the apocalypse. Play for one of them and decide whether they are going to live or die from the murderous monsters that took up the whole country.

Apply your skills wisely

In Left 4 Dead you are free to choose any character you like before starting the match. You will have an opportunity to complete several chapters with the unique plot that are divided into several parts. Make it till the end to help your hero get out of this nightmare alone or in the company.

It is really important to work together with the other members of the team, as your chances to survive will increase immediately. The other people may give first aid if you are dying or call off zombies’ attention while you are trying to open the door or fix some mechanism.

Moreover, the game is designed in a way that allows you to monitor not only your health, but also your allies’. So, if you see that your friend’s scale is dangerously low, you would know that this person needs help right now. You can even see the figures of other people through the walls, to find them easily in a big location.

The terrains in this game are quite diverse. You can occur somewhere in the forest as well as inside a huge skyscraper that has been abandoned due to the zombie invasion. In any case, your main mission will be to get out of the location as fast as possible and not to die in the process.

But the ravenous mutants won’t let you go without a battle. Keep your gun ready to shoot huge waves of them. However, you are going to have a couple of minutes between each horde to restore your strengths and to fill up your ammunition. Manage your resources carefully, as the zombies won’t give you spare time to find the supplies if you run out of them!

Try out different modes

Apart from the standard game mode, Left 4 Dead can offer the other ones that will change your perspective. For example, you can check how much time you are able to fend off the monsters on your own. This is a real challenge for the experienced players, so check this out if you don’t want to play in the group at the moment.

There is also an interesting regime that allows you to look at the other side of the conflict and become an infected person. The team will be divided into two monsters and two survivors that are going to avoid confrontation by any means. If the mutants kill everybody, they are going to win, but if the survivors escape, the victory will be theirs.