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The zombie virus is still there and you are forced to overcome it somehow again. In Left 4 Dead you are taking the role of one character from the group of four. Learn about the story of the hero you have chosen and keep them alive by shooting the mutants on your way.

Investigate the world full of zombies

To escape the location the game decides to put you in, you will need to explore its darkest corners. However, the aggressive monsters won’t let you do it unnoticed. So, load up your gun and show them that you are not going to give up without a fight. Aim accurately to save the bullets for the bosses.

Luckily, you are able to use the close combat weapon as well. Axes, bats, knives and many more things are available, so you can slash the enemies in the way you like. But act fast, before the opponent causes you serious damage.

Although, even if you get injured, the other people from your team will be there to help you. Carry a medical kit in the renewed inventory to keep all the useful objects close to you. Manage your place well, as the place in the inventory is not infinite!

There will also be updated guns with more interesting features. Experiment with the details to create the deadliest rifle and make the zombies fear you. The more experience you will get the more firearms you will unlock, so don’t hesitate to finish more levels. Master your technique to appear at the top of the rank.

Watch dramatic stories

Also note that each campaign in Left 4 Dead is unrepeatable, so you will constantly have to build up new tactics. On each level you will meet special opponents that have certain powers and abilities that may startle you for the first time. But eventually you will learn how to cope with them. Or you will die trying.

During the campaign you will also get to know the new characters. Find out how the infection started to expand and who is responsible for this nightmare. There are six chapters in the game that will tell you about the beginning of the apocalypse. Help the untrained people to adapt to the current reality and to arrive at a safer place.